When & Where?

*Meetings are held on the Second Thursday of every month.

Rules of Order

1. BIRDS AT MEETINGS: Only club members are allowed to bring birds. Birds brought to the meetings should have clipped wings or should remain in their cage or carrier. Do not bring your bird if you have it for less than 3 months and it has not been vet-checked, or if your bird may have been exposed to a sick bird.

Disclaimer: Applies to all birds and their owners. The Real Macaw Parrot Club is not responsible or liable for you, your bird, or anything that happens to you or your bird.

2. NO ANIMALS OTHER THAN HEALTHY EXOTIC BIRDS (except for guide dogs or programmed entertainment) are allowed. This is for the safety of the birds that share our meetings. Only members may bring birds.

3. NO SMOKING in the meeting room.

4. QUIET must be maintained during meetings. There is ample social time before and after meetings for talking.

5. CHILDREN must be seated with their parents during the meeting. Children who run freely are a distraction, and may also be responsible for a startled bird injuring itself.