Event: Charlie Gonder from Winging It Aviary


Charlie Gonder

Charles Gonder


I am a commercial member of the AFA.  I have been involved with other national and local organizations that support aviculture for over thirty years.   I continue to promote, support and educate the public on aviculture, conservation and parrot ownership.

My love of Aviculture and my years of breeding experience have provided me the opportunity to open my own business in 2011.   Winging It Aviary is a small domesticated bird breeding business with a primary focus on education and safety for both the bird and their new owner.  It is my practice to educate new and experienced bird owners before and after the baby leaves my nursery.  I will not sell any bird till I am sure I have provided   their new parents with enough education on the species of bird they are interested in.  I also expect customers to  have done their own research on the new addition to their family before I permit the baby to leave the nursery.

Currently at Winging It Aviary, I breed Lady Gouldian and Society Finch, Red Factor and American Singer canaries, Cockatiels, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, African grey Congos, Blue Front Amazons, and Greenwing macaws.  I will not under any circumstance sell un-weaned babies. Winging It Aviary has grown therefore to meet my customer needs some of our birds may not have hatched in our aviary, but all are raised here in the nursery.  I have extensive experience raising many different types’ hybrid macaws along with Umbrella and Goffin Cockatoo’s both of which are not hatched here in the nursery.  I also take in abused or unwanted birds.