Event: Ardith Bondi



Ardith Bondi has made several trips to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, one with an extension to Chile. Penguins, her favorite birds, aren’t always easy to access. Some require a few flights to out-of-the-way places; others require some pretty rough boat trips or climbing rocks. One always hopes that the weather cooperates. Ardith’s talk will include photos of seven species of penguin, some very unusual ducks,     albatross and giant petrels, geese, pipits, wrens, plovers, an owl, other birds and a few mammals. In addition, it will include some special captures of            behaviors, the reward for spending hours observing bird colonies.

 Ardith lives in Manhattan. She earned a PhD in pharmacology from Columbia University and continued medical research at New York University Medical Center and at The Rockefeller University before leaving research to perform as a flutist. After years of performing and teaching, she still plays in the Centre Symphony in Manhattan, and photographs birds near home and in many other interesting places.